Fondo Laghi Chitina

Fondo Laghi Chitina

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Species you can fish: trouts.
Itineraries: Possibility of fishing in the farm quarries.
Open: all the year round, closed Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and in January.
Notes: Rates : Hourly € 3, each fishing rod € 1 .

Fondo Laghi Chitina - dining room

Refreshment points.
Number rooms: 2.
Number seats: 50
Typical dishes: Pasta stuffed with pumpkin, risotto with sausage and zucchine (baby marrows), porchetta (roast suckling pig), braciole (depending upon where you are in Italy, are either cutlets with the bone, or scallops, and unless specified are usually either beef or veal), costine con verse (savoy cabbage ribs), mixed grilled meat, fish from the small lakes of the farmhouse.
Menu prices: 25,00 €
Notes: The restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday .



  • Fondo Laghi Chitina
  • Via Brescia, 38 - Casalmoro Mantova
  • Phone: 030 9958620
  • Mobile: 339 7086983