Corte Spolverina

Corte Spolverina

The holiday farm has a large square for big groups and buses. It is near to the historical city centre, so it is an easy stop of refreshment for those who want to visit the city, easily accessible on foot or by bike, that can be rent in the farm.

Highlight Opening time: from February to June and from September to December. Foreign languages spoken: English. Services for disabled children. Note: proximity to venison farm. Farm activities: fruit and vegetables cultivation, vegetables cultivation, fruit cultivation, organic cultivations. Farm products: organic pears, Mantuan mostarda, apple jam, organic apples, wheat, soya-bean, maize, honey. The transformation of the products is carried out on the farm.

  • Corte Spolverina- The environment around the court
  • Corte Spolverina- Table for breakfast
  • Corte Spolverina- Our court
  • Corte Spolverina
  • Corte Spolverina
  • Corte Spolverina
  • Corte Spolverina- Under the snow!
  • Corte Spolverina- Refreshment room
  • Corte Spolverina

Our Services

Corte Spolverina - dining room

Refreshment points.
Number rooms: 1.
Number seats: 78.
Typical dishes. Pasta: tagliolini with duck, risottos, ravioli (pasta stuffed). Dishes of meat: chicken roast in the oven.
Menu prices: 20,00 €.


  • Opening hours da febbraio a giugno e da settembre a dicembre.

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  • Corte Spolverina
  • Via Circonvallazione Sud, 57 - 46100 Mantova Mantova
  • Phone: 0376 262009
  • Fax: 0376 262009
  • email: