Arginino Piccolo

di Luisa Bellini

Arginino Piccolo - the Farm

Open: all year except on New Year - Foreign languages spoken: French, English - Safe sheds for the guests`s motorbikes avaiable.

Farm activities: fruit and vegetables cultivation, vegetables cultivation, fruit cultivation, fodder cultivation, cereals cultivation, organic cultivations. Notes: Our farm offers overnight stay in comfortable rooms, with bathrooms, air conditioning; kitchen and reading room are in common. We organize guided tours on foot, by bike, on canoe and on horseback (also with carts and coaches) with expert guides and assurance. The interesting tours are in Busatello reserve and Boschina island, where you can see the river environment with its animals. Arginino piccolo farm organize riding courses of different levels for all ages. We give you the opportunity to practice trekking onthe river Po Delta and on Lessini mountains in the north of Verona.

Some year ago the farm specialized in school entertainment, with teaching routes and manual laboratories, for nursery, primary and secondary schools. Finally, it is possible to organize school trips lasting for 3 days for secondary schools, during which expert guides will take you on the Po Delta and on Lessini Mountains on carts. 


Farm products: chicory, salad, fennel, peas, tomatoes, red and green peppers, aubergines, nashi, melons, watermelons, wheat, maize - There is an outlet, business hours: From 9 to 12 a.m. and from 15 to 19 p.m. - Opening days: From Thursday to Sunday


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Our Services


Number double rooms with bathroom: 1.
Number triple rooms with bathroom: 1.
Number 4 bed rooms with bathroom: 1.
Change of linen (every two days).
Lodging Notes: Reading room. Kennel.
Price lodging and breakfast
44,00 €.

Educational Farm

Farm suitable for: nursery school children, primary school children, secondary school children, high school boys and girls, adults, elderly.
Educational activity: Gocciolina`s story (Little drop`s story), life on the farm, from the seed to bread, grandpa and grandma teach, let`s play with the wood, getting to know the natural textile fibres, living nature,etc....
Number areas equipped for snacks: 0.
Other services: area equipped for picnics, classroom for educational activities under shelter.
Period of guided visits: from half September to October and from March to June.
Notes: Prices: from euro 7,50 to 11,40.

Horse Trails

Lodging for horses: full board for horses.Itineraries: River Po,
Busatello marsh, mouths of the Po.
Excursions by carriage: Excursions with
carts of an hour or even more days.

Agriturismo Arginino Piccolo - activities for families

Itineraries: River Po, Busatello Oasis, Mouths of the Po.
Bike rental.
Notes: Trekking on horseback or by horse-drawn carts


Refreshment points.
Number rooms: 1.
Number seats: 20
Notes: Snacks with sausages.
Menu prices: 25,00 €


  • Rooms 3 camere da letto con bagno
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