Agriturismo Corte Galvagnina

Agriturismo Corte Galvagnina - unser Hof

Open: From March 1st to January 6th - Foreign languages ​​spoken: French, German, Inglese - 2 bathrooms avaiable for disabled children - Services for disabled children - Safe sheds for the guests`s motorbikes avaiable.

Farm activities: fodder cultivation, cereals cultivation, keeing of woods, with limited use of substances enviromental impact.
Notes: Carshed for guests.

Farm products:
- Traditional products: pumpkins
wheat, maize, poultry, fruits
- There is an outlet, business hours: Every day from Spring to Autumn

  • Agriturismo Corte Galvagnina - Accommodation in apartments
  • Agriturismo Corte Galvagnina- Educational farm
  • Agriturismo Corte Galvagnina- Proposals for families
  • Agriturismo Corte Galvagnina - camping area

Our Services

Agriturismo Corte Galvagnina- Camping area


Opening time: spring, summer, autumn.
Number equipped spaces: 2.
Number bathrooms: 2.
Number outside showers: 2.
Number barbecue: 1.
Price: 15,00 € per day.



Agriturismo Corte Galvagnina- Accommodation in apartment

Number apartments: a 5-room apartment for 10 people.
Change of linen (once a week).
Price: 100,00 € per night (for 5 people). Added bed 10,00 €.


Number double rooms with bathroom: 3.
Change of linen (once a week).
Price: double room 40,00 €. Added bed: 10,00 €.

Agriturismo Corte Galvagnina- The educational farm

Farm suitable for: nursery school children, primary school children, secondary school children, adults.
Educational activity: all farm animals; From the ears of corn to the baking using prehistoric millstone under the barchessa (colonnaded wings); the hand milking, the milk and then cheese and ricotta (cottage cheese); the grape harvest in the old vineyard of the farm, the grape treading, the pressing and at last the grape must; the maize: rediscovering the ancient food at the basis of farmer’s diet using the millstone of the 18th century till arriving to the smoking polenta and the crèche; the erbario; the weaving; the paper an.
Areas equipped for snacks.
Other services: large picnic areas, educational cards, recollections of past activities. Wide open and closed spaces to permit any kind of activities with any weather condition.


Agriturismo Corte Galvagnina - Activities for families


  • Rooms camere doppie con bagno, matrimoniali
  • Read 16
  • Opening hours dal primo marzo al 6 gennaio.

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