Corte Carnevale

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Corte Carnevale

  • Corte Carnevale - Double room with breakfas
  • Corte Carnevale
  • Corte Carnevale- The garden
  • Corte Carnevale- The pool
  • Corte Carnevale - The Patio
  • Corte Carnevale
  • Corte Carnevale- Room for two people
  • Corte Carnevale
  • Corte Carnevale- A cute little ass
  • Corte Carnevale- The pool at night
  • Corte Carnevale

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Corte Carneval- Accommodation in rooms

Number single rooms with bathroom: 2.
Number double rooms with bathroom: 4.
Air conditioning.
Change of linen (every week).
Note: swimming pool for adults.
Price (bed and breakfast): € 90 in double room; € 70 in single room. Added bed: 10 €.


Corte Carnevale - - riding

Itineraries: pleasant trips on horseback from Mantua to Peschiera going through Mincio and Canal Grande embankment.

Corte Carnevale  - Dining area


  • Rooms singole o doppie con bagno
  • Read matrimoniali con letto aggiuntivo
  • Opening hours Annuale

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