Solimago - The park farm

Open: all year round - Foreign languages spoken: english, french, spanish - Services for disabled children - Safe sheds for the guests`s motorbikes avaiable.

Farm activities: fodder cultivation, vine-growing and wine-producing.
Notes: Since ever the farmhouse Solimago produces grapes, wheat, fruits and vegetables. The firm is part of the big property Costanza Fattori, inside the village Pozzo Catena, in the heart of Solferino. Solferino develops on the Morainic Hills of Garda lake, it is famous for its sweet panorama,its history and its culture and the refined gastronomy of a land rich of uniques products. The atmosphere, the silence, the climate, the perfumes transform Solimago in an enchanted rural retreat. Solferino is 10 km far from the south part of Garda Lake (Desenzano, Sirmione, Peschiera), 30 km. from Mantova and 50 km. from Verona. This allows the guests to enjoy the wide variety of artistic and cultural experiences, make walking tours on the hills, explore the territory by bike or rest in the silence and the peace of a country celebrated by Virgil`s Bucolics and Georgics in the I century a.C. The apartments, obtained from ancient houses, are isolated inside the farm where the owners live and the Farmhouse Solimago is located with its activity. They had been totally renewed in 2004/2005, according to the criteria of bioecologic architecture. The lodgings are at the end of an oakwood, near to the big vineyard, where Merlot and Cabernet DOC grapes mature. .

Farm products:
- Traditional products: wine, extra virgin olive oil, jams, herbs
- DOC products, traditional, typical: Merlot and Cabernet grape


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Agriturismo Solimago -Accommodation in apartments

Number apartments: 6 (Casa nel giardino, Casa nel bosco, Casa sulla corte, Casa nuova, Casa sul sales e Casa della loggia).
Change of linen (once a week).
Bike rental.
Notes: WI-FI. Ping pong. It is also possible to join the grape harvest in autumn.


Apartments 2/4 people Prices MIN/day Prices MAX/day
Casa sulla corte 90,00 € 125,00 €
Casa sul seles 90,00 € 125,00 €
Casa nuova 90,00 € 125,00 €
Apartments 4/6 people  Prices MIN/day Prices MAX/day 
Casa nel bosco
In July and August booking for at least one week!
135,00 € 185,00 €
 Casa nel giardino  135,00 €  185,00 €
 Casa della loggia 135,00 €  185,00 € 

Big or small, hairy or shaved, housing farm pets are all welcome.

Soft green hills, dreamy lagoons, sleepy villages and of course splendid villas will accompany you in your discovery of the region around Mantua. Furthermore, there is a vast network of cycle tracks that offer itineraries for everyone: don’t miss the marvellous cycle track that joins together Peschiera del Garda and Mantua. 

The hilly areas, where you can enjoy the pleasure of being in close contact with nature, also offer the possibility of long bike rides. 

Agriturismo Solimago - activities for families

Agriturismo Solimago- Catering

La cucina di Solimago is open to everyone who wants to try a unique experience in a unique location. The aim is to create a healthy cuisine – simple, fresh, tasty and good because of its careful treatment of animal life and the environment.

Under luxuriant garden greenery in summer and inside during the cooler seasons, the farmstay holiday offers their guests innovative vegetarian and vegan meals, focused on local foods, but with a full range of Mediterranean flavours.

They take care about ingredients, all organics and mostly coming out our kitchen garden, either picked wild in the surrounding fields or daily brought by local reliable suppliers. The intent is to exalt the great Italian cuisine tradition, with its vegetarian roots and deep connections with the fresh produce.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil homemade produced is smoothly wraps all dishes with a bright veil.

First courses (Primi Piatti) are made with local goat cheeses, vegetable proteins, lasagne, tagliatelle, organic spelt flour pasta, pizza, focacce, farinata, aromatic herbs and tomato sauces, pesto.
Second courses (Secondi Piatti) are composed by veg proteins such as Seitan, Tofu and legumes accompanied by all the season wild and cultivated vegetables, prepared either as colourful raw salads or cooked following tasty recipes. We offer also local cheeses served with home made jams and honey.
The creative desserts are made with season fruits picked in the orchard, local butter, spelt flour, fresh eggs supplied by our friends the chickens and a foreign sweet guest we like a lot: the chocolate.
On the table it`s put the organic bread that are daily prepared and a choice of their wines: Sole, Ombra and Bark.
The cuisine is open for dinner, from Friday to Sunday, March through November.
Prices: the menu 25,00 Euro per person. Children`s Menu 20,00 Euro per person. Group reservations are wellcome (up to 30 guests).

Reservation is required at: or +39 0376 855109



One more service for the guests do not miss anything and feel right at home ...


  • Rooms 6 appartamenti
  • Read matrimoniali
  • Parking spaces ricoveri sicuri per le moto degli ospiti.
  • Opening hours dal 22.03.2013 al 20.10.2013

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  • Solimago
  • Via Napoleone III, 37 - 46040 Solferino Mantova
  • Phone: 0376 855109
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