The River Mincio Park

It covers all auctions of the river from the town of Ponti sul Mincio until Governolo

The River Mincio Park

It was set up by a law n. 47/84 of the Regione Lombardia, and it spreads along the course of the river from Ponti sul Mincio as far as Governolo where the Mincio flows into the river Po. It includes the Mincio Valley Oriented Natural Reserve, the Castellaro Lagusello Oriented Natural Reserve, the Bertone Park and the Bosco Fontana Oriented Natural Reserve. Any information can be given by the information office of the Consorzio Parco del Mincio in Mantua, Piazza Porta Giulia, 10. Tel 0376 22831 - Fax 0376 362657. Centro Parco Bertone - Goito Tel 0376 686676 Centro Parco Rivalta sul Mincio c/o Loghino Ariello, Rivalta sul Mincio Tel 0376 653920 Sito:

The Park Association: Mantova, strada Bosco Virgiliano,5 Tel 0376 225724 Booking tour guide and other information: PARCO DEL MINCIO, Sportello turismo Piazza Porta Giulia, 10 – Cittadella – 46100 MANTOVA Tel 0376 228320 from Monday to Fryday from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. - Fax 0376 362657 E-mail:


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