Casa della Beata Osanna Andreasi (Hause)

The place of worship of the Blessed Osanna Andreasi

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It was the home of Osanna Andreasi (1474 – 1505),who was beatified in the 50s of the XVIth century and it has always been a religious place.
Today it is owned by the `Provincia Domenicana` Utriusque Lombardiae and it is the seat of the secular Dominican fraternity and of the Association for the Dominican monuments.
In the interior there are XVth and XVIth century frescos, as well as wooden ceilings.
The Beata Osanna`s relics are kept in one of the rooms on the floor where the noble family used to live.

Opening time: Tuesday and Friday, on request, from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Free admission and free offering

Guided tours: for individuals and groups led by a volunteer of the Dominican monument Association. Historical, artistic and spiritual trails can also be effected.